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Hidalgo Online maps are a combination of the Hidalgo County tax roll data and the Carson Plat Books. Ease of use and search flexibility were first priority in the dsign of this product. The main search screen is a "fill-in-the-blank" form. You may tailor your research by simply typing your specific request into the desired search box and pressing the search button. You may type information into the various search boxes in any combination or just one search box may be used. The search boxes may be populated in any order or logical combination with no limit to the number of boxes that may contain search criteria. The more data you enter, the more refined your search will become. Simply click on the search button to execute the search.

Subdivision Search

Enter a subdivision name or volume and page then click search. The subdivision list link will load a separate page containing all the subdivisions in the county. Choose a subdivision name from the list and click search. Please keep in mind there are many subdivision maps available that are not yet on the tax roll. Use this index to find the maps that are not on the tax roll yet. We will update the maps as often as possible.

Geographical Index

The geographical index is an interactive index map. Click the numbers on the county index to view a detailed index map. Click the red numbers to view the adjoining index map. Some index maps have city maps available that are accessed by clicking the blue numbers. Locate the Carson Map page number closest to your area of interest and enter it into the Map Number search box to view the map.

Owner Name

Enter the owner's name last name first then a comma, a space and then the first name. If you have trouble finding the owner try just putting in the last name. The search is not case sensitive so no capital letters are necessary. The owner name box will pull all records upon which an individual or entity is paying taxes. In most cases, but not all, the taxpayer is the owner of the property.

Account #

Enter the entire account number with dashes to pull a single record. Portions of the account number may be entered as well. Generally the first seven digits of the account number correspond to the subdivision name and section, the first ten digits correspond to the subdivision name, section and block and all sixteen digits correspond to the subdivision name, section, block and the lot. Experiment with the account numbers, they can be very helpful when used properly.


Enter the property exemption desired for a given property.

Property Address

Enter the property address. If a street name is entered without the street number the entire street will be retrieved. Not all addresses are assigned by the Appraisal District, it is possible your address will not be available. In most cases it is not necessary to enter drive, street, lane, avenue or circle.

City or Zip Code

Enter a city or zip code. Not all records are assigned a city or zip code. Entering a city or zip code will not necessarily retrieve all records within the city or zip.

Subdivision Name/Legal Description

The subdivision name search boxe comprises the legal description search.  If only a subdivision name is entered all records in the subdivision that are spelled the same way you entered it will be retrieved. All records in the subdivision may not be retrieved due to spelling errors or differences on the tax roll. To insure all records in the subdivision are retrieved note the first six digits of the account number and enter them into the account # search box. To retrieve a particular subdivision and a block within that subdivision enter the subdivision name and the block number (usually as blk). Again all records may not be retrieved so use the account # to be certain. Enter the subdivision name,block, and lot to retrieve a single record.

Assessed Value

The assessed values search boxes have two sections allowing for a range search. Enter the lower assessed value into the first box and the higher assessed value into the second box. Records falling within the range will be retrieved.

Year Built

Year Built is also a range search. Enter the lower year built into the left search box and the higher year built into the right search box.

Land Sq. Feet and Total Living Area Sq. Feet

These are all range searches as well. Enter the lower value into the left search box and the higher value into the right search box.


The fireplace search box is a check box. Click in the box to place a checkmark to search for properties that have a fireplace.


The swimming pool search box is a check box. Click in the box to place a checkmark to search for properties that have a pool.

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